(l to r) LaMarte, Pollard, Mcnutt, Kaufmann
TenorBruce LaMarteLeadCraig Pollard
BariBrian KaufmanBassScott Mcnutt
Checkmate won the district championship in 1990 after which bass, Scott McNutt, move out of Michigan and the quartet went inactive. After that their lead, Craig Pollard, was heard to say that he wouldn't sing in another quartet and would only come back to sing if it could be with Checkmate. Well, fate stepped in and Scott moved back to Michigan in 2016. CHECKMATE immediately picked up where they left off and won the district senior title in 2017 as well as representing the district at the 2018 Senior International Quartet Competition in Costa Mesa, California. They received a wildcard invite to the 2019 Senior International competition in Nashville.