Ivy LeagueBACK

(l to r) Philbin, Drouillard, Turnbull, Hartley
TenorBob HartleyLeadScott Turnbull
BariBrian PhilbinBassDave Drouillard
Entertaining, inventive, popular and sometimes "wacky" quartet (who can forget their "Nudists" routine at International in 1990). The quartet formed as college students and really got going when they sang all summer at Cedar Point in 1982. Besides "Nudists" the quartet did sets such as "Nerds" (pictured above), "Cub Scouts", "Crazy", "Baseball", and "Super heroes". Scott arranged most of the songs the quartet performed. Check out their retrospective web page at www.harmonize.com/ivyleague

Brian Philbin and Bob Hartley later sang in Metropolis (6th place International - 2001)

Jim Pollard sang bari when Brian left the quartet to move to California after 1985.