Rolls VoyceBACK

(l to r) LaMarte, Connor, Gerard, Gillingham
TenorBruce LaMarteLeadTC Conner
BariDavid GillinghamBassTR Gerard
Rolls Voyce took two senior international champions from Resisting-A-Rest, Bruce LaMarte and TC Conner, and combined them with two previous district champions, TR Gerard from Something Big!! and David Gillingham from Full Chord Press to form this competitive quartet. They qualified to represent the district at the 2015 midwinter international in New Orleans in their very first competition and placed 12th. At the 2015 district competition they took the senior district champion crown. They again represented the Pioneer District at the 2016 midwinter international in Reno, NV and captured the 5th place bronze medal. They went back to the Mid-Winter once again in 2017 where they finished 13th and retired shortly thereafter.