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Silver Edition
(l to r) LaMarte, C. Pollard, Harrell, A. Pollard
TenorBruce LaMarteLeadCraig Pollard
BariAaron PollardBassCody Harrell
Silver Edition formed in 2019 and gave the father-son duo of Craig Pollard and Aaron Pollard a chance to sing together in contest. Craig Pollard had previously sung lead with the 1990 district champion quartet CHECKMATE which also took the 2017 senior quartet title. He also took home the championship trophy in 1999 with WJBC and in 2003 with Infinity. Aaron Pollard sings lead with 2015 district champion Frontier which also won the gold at the 2018 International NextGen Varsity Quartet competition. Craig brought the tenor from CHECKMATE,Bruce LaMarte into the quartet and Aaron brought the bass from Frontier, Cody Harrell. It was a great combination as father and son won the district quartet championship in 2019.